Civil War

May. 6th, 2016 09:17 pm
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Very disjointed initial reaction here.

I'll start out by reiterating that I don't have any comics familiarity and I haven't seen AOU or Ant-Man (going to rectify at least one of those) so if I say something that sounds dumb, that's why!

Weirdly, this felt more like a Tony movie than a Steve movie, and I loved it anyway. I was satisfied as a Steve/Bucky shipper and Bucky fan, but wow, did I really get Tony feelings in this movie. Not even Steve/Tony (which I do enjoy, but I didn't feel like this movie was very shippy) but just Tony in general. He's in a rough place and everything he does makes sense. Knowing what I did of the plot (which admittedly wasn't much) I was prepared to come out of it hating him but I totally loved his arc. Hell, I loved just about everybody, even the people I hadn't met before (except Ant Man, holy crow, he was annoying. And Spider-Man was just this side of not too annoying). I was afraid bringing in all these characters would spoil the movie but it was great. I loved Wanda and want to give her a hug. (Her and Vision were very sweet; I don't know if I'd go as far as to say I ship it, but I loved them.) I liked T'Challa's arc, too, and can't wait to see more from him.

But you know who really stole the show for me? Sam. I liked him in TWS, too, but I really loved him here. He had so many awesome one-liners! I also was really into Rhodey; he was fantastic. And Natasha. I was disappointed to see her going against Steve, especially since I just re-watched TWS but she did come through in the end, which was great. I liked Sharon, and how it was Peggy's words that inspired Steve to make up his mind, but I can't really get into Steve/Sharon. (The "finally" or "about time" or whatever the line was made it even worse because, no, it definitely wasn't, guys. You needed more time.)

That's okay, though, because I came out of here basically shipping him with everybody else because Sam, Steve, and Bucky were excellent together—the stuff in the car was a hoot, like Sam and Bucky being jealous over who gets to be Steve's best friend. I liked how they managed to mix moments of levity and humor with all the heavy stuff and beating-on-each other. It was, in all, well-balanced and well-paced.

BUT OMG BUCKY AT THE END. Why would you do that???? I have no idea what the next movie is, or where anybody's going to appear next, but I don't get why they stuck Bucky back on ice. Even if they get him back out again very shortly, that makes it very inconvenient for fic.
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