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Dear Every Woman creator,

Thank you so much for writing for me! If you offered these fandoms, I already think you're amazing! If you need me on AO3, I'm The_Plaid_Slytherin.

General Stuff

Some general likes: fluff, romance, plot, PWP, domesticity, hurt/comfort, loyalty, friendship, family/found family, kid/family fic, canon-divergence/fork-in-the-road AUs, happy endings, characters taking care of/depending on each other, established relationships, getting together, unexpected relationships, quiet moments, casefic, seasonal/holiday themes, wooing/courtship, couples who work/do plot together, daemons.

When it comes to smut, my preferences are pretty vanilla. My kinks are more about circumstances than about acts: first times (including first time doing X—I love the newness and the trust in their partner), reunion sex, comfort sex, make-up sex, cuddling, tenderness/touching/kissing (especially hands!), teasing, sharing fantasies.

My DNWs: darkfic, graphic violence, character death, rape/non-con/dub-con, incest, underage sex, AUs that are another setting (e.g., modern times), crossovers, d/s, scat/watersports, and sad/hopeless endings.

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
Margaery Tyrell

I have only read the books, so please stick to book canon.

I am totally fascinated by Margaery and really wish we got something from her POV. She's shrewd and clever and as able to play the game as any of them. I'd love to know what she was really thinking, and I am fond of the idea that there's a lot more in the works from the Tyrells than has become apparent so far to the POV characters Martin has written.

What was her childhood like? I'd love to see more of her relationship with her grandmother, or with Loras, who I like to think she's really close to. I love her political acumen being valuable to Renly, and I'd love to see them as friends. Or give me her interacting with any of my other favorite characters, if you can make it work: Sansa (show me more of their friendship, or an AU where they managed to "rescue" Sansa, or Sansa/Margaery), Robert (an AU where that marriage plot worked?), Stannis and Davos (I have no idea how you would get there, but if you're inspired, I would be all over it… maybe Stannis wins and takes King's Landing and she has to deal with him. Or marry him.)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

I have only seen the movies; I'm not familiar with the comics or TV shows.

Asgard and the characters who inhabit it is one of my favorite aspects of the MCU. I love the magic/science/mythology combo in particular. I'd love something that explores Asgard through Frigga. I love what we are shown in canon, and I'd love to see more about her. What's her story? Where did she come from? Any kind of backstory/worldbuilding or an exploration of Frigga as queen would be wonderful. Did she have adventures?

What does she do when the boys aren't around? I also really love her relationship with her sons, especially Loki. What did she think when Odin brought Loki home? I love that she trained him in magic because he wasn't strong like Thor. What was that like? Or private moments with anybody—Thor? Odin? Sif?

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Aino Minako | Sailor Venus

The version of Sailor Moon I am most interested in is the '90s anime, as it's really all I'm familiar with.

Sailor Moon was my first real fandom. I love the worldbuilding, the friendships and the characters, especially Minako I love that she's a soldier first and foremost, that she has been working at it longer than any of the other girls. I don't really have a ship for her, but I'm interested in her relationship with Artemis and with any of the other characters.

I love how she is in Season 1, unable to get close to the others, and I love that while she loosens up (just a bit! ;)) her battle instincts never leave her. She is extreme in everything she does (the pure heart episode, the "two-timing" episode) and I love Minako when she's cranked up to eleven. I love Minako and Artemis' special partnership and his concern for her. I would also love to know what Senshi life looks like post-Stars. The villains won't stop, and Crystal Tokyo is still a long way away. How does Minako balance the various aspects of her life through high school and beyond? Does she ever become a star and what is that like when she has higher responsibilities? What is the transition to Crystal Tokyo like?


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