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Dear GenEx Creator,

Thank you so much for writing for me! If you offered these fandoms, I already think you're amazing! If you need me on AO3, I'm The_Plaid_Slytherin.

General Stuff

Some general likes: fluff, plot, domesticity, hurt/comfort, loyalty, friendship, family/found family, kid/family fic, canon-divergence/fork-in-the-road AUs, happy endings, characters taking care of/depending on each other, unexpected relationships, quiet moments, casefic, seasonal/holiday themes, daemons.

My DNWs: darkfic, graphic violence, character death, rape/non-con/dub-con, incest, underage sex, AUs that are another setting (e.g., modern times), crossovers, d/s, scat/watersports, and sad/hopeless endings.

Also, a lot of my relationships are interrelated because I used the same characters over and over, so if you want to mix, match, and blend prompts that would totally be okay.

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin

I love this series and its characters, even while they keep breaking my heart. I love the worldbuilding and the complicated family relationships, especially for House Baratheon (and their friends). I love quiet moments pre-canon and canon-divergence AUs (especially appropriate because I've requested some friendships that we didn't get to see interact much in canon). I love when characters we didn't often see getting along do get along, as well as when characters allow a relationship to develop with someone they wouldn't have thought twice about before.

Robert Baratheon & Stannis Baratheon

  • Robert and Stannis are quite close in age. What was that like when they were smaller? Did they ever get along or play together?

  • Holding the fort when their parents leave or after their parents' deaths

  • Stannis and Robert actually work together to accomplish something in government

  • AU: Robert names Stannis as Hand instead of Ned

Renly Baratheon & Stannis Baratheon

  • Stannis, upon becoming a big brother. What was that like, especially since after 13 years, Renly was probably unexpected?

  • The siege of Storm's End! I can't get enough of this time period: Stannis explaining everything to Renly, Stannis comforting Renly, Renly brightening Stannis' day

  • Stannis decides to impart lessons of varying import to Renly as he grows up, some of which are taken better than others

  • AU: Stannis and Renly team up following Robert's death instead of making a mess of everything

Renly Baratheon & Robert Baratheon

  • I bet Robert was great with kids because he is half a kid himself. I'd love to see Robert and teeny Renly

  • The same prompt about imparting lessons as above with Stannis, though I bet Robert's idea of good advice for a growing boy is completely different

  • Renly's first impressions on Robert becoming king and receiving Storm's End

  • AU: Robert lives, due to some intervention by Renly?

Renly Baratheon & Davos Seaworth

  • ONIONS. I would love to see Davos' entrance into Storm's End from Renly's POV, or Davos' POV of little Renly. I can imagine them interacting, since Davos has kids. What were Renly's impressions of Stannis' justice?

  • Renly doesn't understand why Stannis keeps Davos around until he actually gets to know him

  • Some AU where Davos ends up serving Renly at any age as either lord of Storm's End or king. I am totally okay with wild (canon) AUs to make this friendship work.

Stannis Baratheon & Maester Cressen

  • The first time Maester Cressen realized Stannis needed him

  • Bonding over some subject that interests them both

  • The early days on Dragonstone and Maester Cressen helping Stannis adjust

  • Stannis does something to help Maester Cressen in his old age—something that shows he cares just as much about Cressen as Cressen does about him

Renly Baratheon & Brienne of Tarth

  • Brienne comes to Storm's End earlier (perhaps not long after they meet on Tarth) and they actually get to know each other

  • How does Brienne deal with being one of Renly's guards and all the ridicule she might face? How does Renly react? (AU, I guess these are all AU

  • AU where Renly survives (either as king or after allying with Stannis with him as the king) and Brienne continues to work with him

  • Loyalty! One of my favorite tropes, so anything that plays with that would be lovely. Fealty! Adventures! I am totally okay with (wild) canon AUs to make this friendship work.

Les Misérables - All Media Types

I am complete sucker for Valjean, Javert, and Cosette. I love Valjean's goodness and his desire to do the right thing, especially his dedication to giving Cosette a nice life and keeping her safe. And, oh, Javert. I love how he's also trying to do what's right, even if he's misguided. I have a soft spot for stubbornness in characters, in case it wasn't obvious. So, just like with every other fandom, I just want these people to be happy!

Cosette Fauchelevent & Jean Valjean

  • Any moment from her childhood. Valjean being a good dad. Them having heart-to-hearts about whatever

  • Ending fix-it! Marius gradually won Cosette away from Jean Valjean. Cosette allowed it. - How about she doesn't?

  • On the run! I love travel-fic and I'd love to see them traveling throughout France (or anywhere)

Cosette Fauchelevent & Javert

  • M-sur-M time period: A pardon? Javert accompanies Valjean to get Cosette? Because you can't leave a convict alone with a small child, obviously, so Javert has to stay with them.

  • Javert is skulking around their house in Paris (any time) and somehow manages to befriend Cosette

  • Ending fix-it—Javert doesn't die because Cosette intervenes somehow? Maybe she's there when Javert brings Valjean home and is a factor from there.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

I love the Thor movies so much. I'm fascinated by Asgard and I'd love to see something worldbuildy that explores the royal family and what life on Asgard is like. I like the mix of magic, technology, and mythology and would love to see that explored. I love the adventurer aspect of the Asgardian characters and I wish we'd gotten to see more of their family life before all that messy plot started getting in the way. Canon-divergence AUs are welcome here, too. I think family fix-its are becoming a theme. :)

Loki & Thor (MCU)

  • Pre-canon: their childhoods, going on adventures with their friends, getting along

  • AU: Loki doesn't fall and they get a chance to make up and come to an understanding

  • Team-up! I would love to see Avenger Loki and both brothers fighting together, either with the team or just defending Asgard

Frigga & Loki & Odin & Thor (MCU)

  • The whole family together. An Asgardian holiday? Odin telling stories? A royal trip? Could be with the boys as children or adults

  • AU: Loki is his father's heir instead of Thor. How does that change the family dynamic and how does it affect things if Loki's origin comes out?

  • Odin brings Loki home. What is Frigga's reaction? How do they form a family? What if Odin was honest about Loki's origins from the start?

  • Post-Loki-redemption family fic. What is his role in the government exactly?

Frigga & Loki (MCU)

  • Frigga's thoughts on their taking in Loki and how he was integrated into the family

  • Frigga taught Loki magic. What were those early lessons like and do they ever still just play with spells?

  • Frigga lives! I'd love to see Frigga as queen with her sons by her side

  • Loki confides in Frigga instead of what he did in canon following Odin's revelation about his heritage. How does that change things?

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