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Dear Trick or Treat Creator,

Hi! Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with.

I'm PS, and I'm The_Plaid_Slytherin on AO3.

General Stuff

Some general likes: fluff, romance, plot, PWP, domesticity, hurt/comfort, loyalty, friendship, family/found family, kid/family fic, canon-divergence/fork-in-the-road AUs, happy endings, characters taking care of/depending on each other, established relationships, getting together, unexpected relationships, quiet moments, casefic, seasonal/holiday themes, wooing/courtship, couples who work/do plot together, daemons.

When it comes to smut, my preferences are pretty vanilla. My kinks are more about circumstances than about acts: first times (including first time doing X—I love the newness and the trust in their partner, and I really like awkwardness in a first time), reunion sex, comfort sex, make-up sex, cuddling, tenderness/touching/kissing (especially hands!), teasing, sharing fantasies.

My DNWs: darkfic, graphic violence, character death, rape/non-con/dub-con, incest, underage sex, AUs that are another setting (e.g., modern times), crossovers, d/s, scat/watersports, and sad/hopeless endings.

A Song of Ice and Fire – George R.R. Martin
Stannis Baratheon, Renly Baratheon, Davos Seaworth

Stannis/Davos is my OTP. I love their mutual trust and loyalty and would love to see something that explores that, especially the loyalty from Stannis' side, or the early days of how their relationship/friendship developed. First time, established relationship—anything would make me happy if you want to go shippy. I love when these two get a chance to be sweet together. Maybe an exploration of their mutual interest in sailing? Having to solve a mystery/problem?

I also really love Stannis and Renly's relationship. I love it when they have a chance to actually get along and be happy—I'll always be interested in the siege of Storm's End, and the age difference between them means there's always an opportunity for Stannis looking after little Renly, or trying to give him some kind of advice whether welcome or not. I'd definitely welcome an AU with happier circumstances for them! (Incidentally, I'd also love to see something with Davos and Renly; I think Davos could be a good influence on him.) I'd also be interested in Renly's relationship with Robert and seeing friendships with Margaery and Brienne, or some Renly/Loras (fix-its welcome here, too!).

If you want to write something seasonal/Halloweeny, I would love something exploring fall in Westeros, or involving spooky-old-anything-that-might-be-haunted. I love ghost stories - a mild chill, not really horrifying horror.

Les Miserables – All Media Types
Javert, Jean Valjean

I would definitely be interested in a happy ending for them, after all they've been through. Coming to an understanding (with or without shippiness) would be so satisfying. I'd love to see what kind of life they could have post-canon. How does Valjean help Javert "reset" from his BSOD moment? What can they learn from each other? I'd be happy with any time in canon. I love when characters are forced to work together and that changes their feelings and perspectives, so that might work for an earlier divergence. Something exploring Valjean's relationship with Cosette would be lovely, too.

If you want to write something seasonal/Halloweeny, I would love something exploring fall, or involving spooky-old-anything-that-might-be-haunted. I love ghost stories - a mild chill, not really horrifying horror. Maybe a mystery for Javert to solve? (Doesn't even have to be spooky! I love when characters get to do what they're best at.)

Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Saul Tigh, William Adama

Bill/Saul is another enduring OTP for me. (Friendship is fine, too; I'd just prefer not to see them paired with anyone but each other.) I just love their shared history and the richness that it brings to their relationship. They are so casual together because they've been friends for so long; I really love the domesticity they display in the early episodes (like Saul finishing Bill's dinner). Anything exploring how comfortable they are together, or how their friendship blurs easily into being lovers would be great. I love seeing them relax and have fun together, too, and how that translates seamlessly to their working relationship. I also really love the crew-as-family trope and Bill/Saul + Kara/Lee, and I love when Laura's part of the gang, too.

There aren't really seasons in space, but if you can work in some fall or Halloween themes, I certainly won't say no! This just seemed harder to pull off than in my other fandoms! Pre-canon, still on Caprica? New Caprica? Post-canon, on Earth 2.0?
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