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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hi! Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with.

I'm PS, and I'm The_Plaid_Slytherin on AO3.

General Likes

* fluff
* canon-divergence/what-if AUs
* Christmas/holiday/seasonal themes
* domesticity and slice-of-life
* hurt/comfort
* loyalty kink
* casefic
* kidfic or family fic
* wooing/courtship
* competence
* care-taking such as bathing together, washing a partner's hair
* cuddling and bed-sharing
* reunions
* long-term pining finally being requited

When it comes to smut, my preferences are pretty vanilla. My kinks include first times, body worship, praise kink, clothes kink, oral, anal, intercrural, intergluteal, bath sex/hair washing, loyalty kink, shaving, normally composed characters losing control, bed sharing/sex for warmth, hurt/comfort, blindfolds hand kink/hand-holding during sex, trust, role play.


* darkfic, loads of unresolved angst, or sad/hopeless endings
* character death (of requested characters and their friends or allies)
* rape/non-con or dub-con
* incest
* underage sex
* AUs that are another setting (e.g., modern times)
* crossovers
* BDSM or d/s
* scat or watersports

Nero Wolfe - Rex Stout
Archie Goodwin, Saul Panzer

I ship them, but most of these prompts can definitely go either way.

I utterly adore Archie and his voice, but I'm also curious to get to know more about Saul. What's his backstory and personal life like? I see hidden depths in there! Maybe Archie does, too? How did he end up working for Wolfe and why does he stick around, when according to Archie, he could be doing much better? I would love anything exploring mid-century New York (especially at Christmas), be it mystery, adventure, or just some downtime.


* First case they worked together. I love competence, but I also like total disasters that end in kissing. If you want to go shippy, I love couples that work together and how they order their lives together around their jobs. What would this be like for Archie and Saul?

* Saul helps Archie out of a jam, of any magnitude. Could be life or death, could be totally minor. I just want to see Saul come to Archie's rescue and Archie's reaction to having to be rescue. :D Or maybe it's Saul whom Archie has to rescue.

* Making a date/plans. Do they get interrupted by Wolfe? (And if you go shippy, I'm sure he'll know full well what he's doing.) Run into a case? I'd love to see them roll with whatever comes at them while still having fun together.

* Any kind of fanficcy trope like huddling for warmth, fake dating, soul bonding, sex pollen(?!)—I just think it would be a hoot to hear this kind of thing from Archie's POV.


Jack Langrishe, Al Swearengen

I ship them, but most of these prompts can definitely go either way.

This show is way too short. I want a million more seasons and I'm really sad we didn't get more of Jack because I totally fell in love with him. I love how Al keeps trying resolutely not to care about the welfare of the other citizens of Deadwood, but he can't help but be worn down. His practical, reluctant leadership combined with Jack's exuberance is a favorite character-type pairing of mine. There are so many open ends you could follow with the growth of the town and the integration of the theater int it. There's also Al and Jack's extensive implied history that seems ripe for exploration. I love the ensemble cast of this show so I'd be happy with anyone you want to have show up. What happens next??


* Al's statement that he doesn't go to plays and Al singing at the end of 'Amateur Night.' How would Jack react to those? Al's refusal to go has always seemed somewhat loaded to me—not just because he's Al, but maybe because there's something in his history, perhaps his shared history with Jack at the heart of it. I'd love to see that explored.

* BACKSTORY. Absolutely anything. How did they meet? It's unclear how long they've known each other, so it really could be at any point in their lives. Where did they come from? What happened in Virginia City? I think that line was what made me ship them. There's so much that could be implied by that…

* Jack tries to coax Al out of his lair for some kind of celebration (be it Christmas or not). How that goes over is up to you. I just love the trope of the more exuberant partner dragging the grumpy partner along behind them (and secretly he likes it).

The Eagle | The Eagle of the Ninth (2011)
Esca Mac Cunoval
Marcus Flavius Aquila

I ship them, but most of these prompts can definitely go either way.

This movie has a lot of my favorite tropes: h/c, role-reversal (I might have clapped a little when Esca introduces Marcus as his slave), earned loyalty, dragging each other through the mud (that is so a trope), huge amounts of trust. I also really like the trope of two characters thrown together by circumstances but forced to work together to accomplish something. I'm interested in the setting, too, if that's something you want to explore, both the time period and the location because the scenery is beautiful. I could see them traveling if you'd be interested in or comfortable with writing something about them in a different location, as well. (And I know very little about the time period myself so don't feel you have to produce a footnoted treatise on Roman Britain!)


* What does it mean that Marcus is showing so much trust in a non-Roman? And how does Esca feel about having developed such a devotion to the person who ought to be his enemy? I'd love something (probably post-movie) where they process what's just happened to them and how they feel about it, and what it means for the next step of their relationship if you want to go shippy.

* Post-movie! I love the closing image of these two going off triumphantly together to do whatever they want. I would love to see whatever situation they might find themselves in, good or bad, big or small. Maybe they take on a job/mission, maybe they're just exploring and the adventure comes to them.

* I am also a-okay with smut/fluff/domesticity. What is their first time like? Do they settle down someplace together where nobody will bother them? Slice of life, a special occasion, hurt/comfort, bed-sharing or huddling for warmth in the dead of winter.


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