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Dear 5K-er,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with. I truly love each of these fandoms and pairings, so I'll just be happy someone else is interested in them, too. :) Prompts are just suggestions! Anything that focuses on my requested pairings and avoids my DNWs will make me happy! I'm The_Plaid_Slytherin on AO3.

General Likes
* fluff
* canon-divergence/what-if AUs
* seasonal/holiday themes
* domesticity and slice-of-life, including curtainfic
* hurt/comfort
* loyalty kink
* casefic
* kidfic or family fic
* wooing/courtship
* competence, especially in couples who work together and are totally in love with each other's skills
* care-taking such as bathing together, washing a partner's hair
* cuddling and bed-sharing
* reunions
* long-term pining finally being requited
* daemons added to canon settings (as in daemons have always existed in Westeros or a galaxy far far away, not a HDM crossover/fusion)
* happily ever after endings

When it comes to smut, my preferences are pretty vanilla. My kinks include first times, body worship, praise kink, clothes kink, oral, anal, intercrural, intergluteal, bath sex/hair washing, loyalty kink, shaving, normally composed characters losing control, bed sharing/sex for warmth, hurt/comfort, blindfolds, hand kink/hand-holding during sex, trust, role play, sensation play, light bondage.

* unrequested ships
* darkfic, unresolved angst, or sad/hopeless endings.
* character death (of requested characters and their friends or allies)
* rape/non-con or dub-con
* incest
* underage sex
* AUs that are another setting (e.g., modern times)
* crossovers
* BDSM or d/s
* scat or watersports

A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin

Additional tags: Action/Adventure, AU – Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Established Relationship, Fix-it Fic, Fluff, Getting Together, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery/Procedural, Slice of Life, Smut, Worldbuilding

Stannis Baratheon/Davos Seaworth

THESE TWO. I am 100% here for all the loyalty kink, and my favorite part about their relationship is that it goes both ways. I ship these two so hard and I just want them to be together and happy. No matter if Stannis is a lord, a king, or none of the above, I think their loyalty and love is enough. But I wouldn't say no to more because I absolutely love a Stannis who rules well and confidently.

* I am curious about just about any aspect of their relationship. What did they do day-to-day in King's Landing when Robert was king and Stannis was master of ships? Did they ever get involved in mystery/adventure? Or maybe something set with Stannis on the Iron Throne working with his Hand. Or any other idea you have. For canon-divergence AU, I'm open to absolutely any divergence point that results in Stannis/Davos. I'm especially partial to role reversals, however you'd like to interpret that.

* Oh, my gosh, fluff or smut for these two would be marvelous I'm interested in any kind of getting-together scenario from any point to when they first meet to a future scenario post-ADWD. I love awkward confessions. Maybe Stannis gets it in his head to do something about his feelings for Davos and courtship/wooing ensues. How does Davos react? For smut, I would love anything from awkward sex with inexperienced/virgin Stannis to established relationship where they've got a sex life and love to try new things.

Salladhor Saan/Davos Seaworth

I love the friendship between these two and would love to see something that explores it. Salla is such a hoot (and I bet he's a flirt) and they seem sort of mismatched. I would love to see what kind of romantic history there could be between them. They seem like they could fall into something comfortable along the lines of friends-with-benefits, or they could go deeper than that. Either way, I think they'd be a natural place to explore some worldbuilding related to places other than Westeros or what Davos' life was like pre-Stannis.

* Adventures in piracy/smuggling! I'd love to see how their different approaches contrast when they're working. Adventures, casefic, heist fic… I would love to see anything along those lines. Either pre-Stannis or even after—what would happen if Stannis needed Davos to solve a mystery/catch a criminal and he enlisted Salla's help? I love competence, but I also love messes, and fanfic tropes like huddling for warmth, etc.

* I would love something about how they got together. Flirty Salla trying to sweep Davos off his feet would be adorable. Does Davos let himself be seduced or does he play along with Salla? And I'm definitely open to smut, either first times or established relationship where they're open to trying new things.

Stannis Baratheon/Ned Stark

This is the other tiny pairing I'm super intrigued by. I really want them to get along because I think they would make a fantastic match, if Robert didn't get in the way! This ship lends itself really well to AUs because that's kind of the only way for them to spend any meaningful time together. But I'm open to pretty much any scenario that lets them be together and happy.

* An AU where they end up having to work together. Maybe they hit it off when Ned comes to lift the siege at Storm's End, maybe they're working together on the small council and they end up with an adventure or mystery on their hands. Which of course leads to them falling for each other. (I love Robert, and I'd be happy to have him appear, too, especially to have him react to Stannis/Ned!)

* What does fluff look like for these two? How does Ned crack Stannis' exterior? Who makes the first move? What are they like in bed? I bet they're really boring and I am so down for that! Quiet evenings together, working together, just being together. Or maybe they clash sometimes with different ideas of what's just and right.

Nero Wolfe – Rex Stout

Archie Goodwin/Saul Panzer

Additional tags: Action/Adventure, Canon Style Plot, Established Relationship, Fluff, Getting Together, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery/Procedural, Slice of Life, Smut

I utterly adore Archie and his voice, but I'm also curious to get to know more about Saul. What's his backstory and personal life like? I see hidden depths in there! Maybe Archie does, too? How did he end up working for Wolfe and why does he stick around, when according to Archie, he could be doing much better? I would love anything exploring mid-century New York, be it mystery, adventure, or just some downtime. I love the whole gang, too, so feel free to include whoever you want. Especially Fritz and Wolf.

* Casefic! I'd love to see them working a case together, and how their working relationship and their romantic relationship is woven together. I love competence, but I also like total disasters that end in kissing. I love couples that work together and seeing how they order their lives together around their jobs. What would this be like for Archie and Saul? How do they deal with working apart? Working together? What happens when one has a case he has to conceal from the other?

* Making a date. Do they get interrupted by Wolfe? (I'm sure he'll know full well what he's doing.) Run into a case? I'd love to see them roll with whatever comes at them while still having fun together. Alternately, any kind of fanficcy trope like huddling for warmth, fake dating, soul bonding, sex pollen(?!)—I just think it would be a hoot to hear this kind of thing from Archie's POV, or to hear Wolfe's thoughts on it. And I feel like Saul would roll with anything without batting an eye. Definitely feel free to go cracky with the circumstances of this one.

Sherlock Holmes - ACD

Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

Additional tags: Action/Adventure, Canon Style Plot, Established Relationship, Fluff, Getting Together, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery/Procedural, Slice of Life, Smut

This is one of the first ships I ever shipped, but a first-time request for me. I love their domesticity, the mutual loyalty, the Victorian setting. I love the constancy of this fandom, as though you can always go back to 221B and they'll be there in front of the fire together. I love their dynamic, but I also like when it's turned around a bit and Watson gets some attention. I particularly love the atmosphere of canon, so Victorian London flavor would be totally welcome (and so would travel if you'd like to send them away from London).

* Casefic! Hey, I love mystery fandoms! ;) I'd be open to any kind of case you can think of, especially one that involves them working together with contributions from Watson. I love them as a team above all, always running off for the next adventure.

* I also really love their domestic relationship and would welcome anything cozy that focuses on what their private life is like. What did Watson leave out of the stories? :) Do they ever get cross with one another? I'd love to see some h/c, as well. Sickfic? I bet Holmes makes a rotten patient. Maybe where he's housebound, sending Watson out do the heavy lifting and trying to solve the case by proxy, or anything else that puts them in unusual circumstances to do what they do best. That said, just plain fluff and smut would marvelous, too!

Rogue One

Galen Erso/Orson Krennic

Action/Adventure, AU-Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Established Relationship, Fix-it Fic, Fluff, Getting Together, Hurt/Comfort, Interpersonal Drama, Mystery/Procedural, Slice of Life, Smut, Worldbuilding

I fell hard for these two when I saw Rogue One. Old guys with a long implied history always get to me; they are such a mess, but I want things to work out for them. I'm fascinated by Krennic's (albeit twisted) faith/devotion - his genuine shock and disbelief when he learned Galen had betrayed him. And I love Galen's determination to do what he knew what right, even when it meant so much sacrifice. These two break my heart, so naturally, I just want an AU where they can be happy because that is the kind of sap I am.

I haven't read Catalyst yet but I'm sure I'll have finished it before reveals, so feel free to include backstory from that.

* I am really intrigued by Galen's position in the Empire, especially given Krennic doesn't suspect him of being the mole. How does he convince his superiors he's a true believer even though he ran and hid? Does Krennic help with that? How does Galen maintain his cover? How does he reconcile his principles and his feelings? I'd love something where he's determined not to fall for Krennic (again) but he does... and then he has to come up with a plan to get them both out. I would seriously love to see Galen having to convince Krennic to ditch the Empire. And then they blow up the Death Star and fly off into the sunset together.

* I'd also love to see more development for Krennic and how he scrapped his way to the top. He doesn't really "go with" the other Imperial officers, and I'm fascinated by how he interacts with them. Does he have real loyalty to the Empire, or is he just in it for the power? Would he be opportunistic enough to switch sides for Galen? Why is he so convinced Galen wouldn't betray him? I'd love something that expanded that with both of them living—maybe Krennic is captured by the Rebellion and needs to adjust. A role reversal would be awesome with prisoner Krennic and Galen as the person responsible for him.

* I'd also love to see something slice-of-life or procedural. Galen and Krennic working together to solve a mystery? I'm also fascinated by domestic life in the GFFA so anything like that would be lovely.
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