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Dear All in the Family Creator,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with. I truly love each of these fandoms and relationships (or in the case of Original Work, am really intrigued by them), so I'll just be happy someone else is interested in them, too. :) Prompts are just suggestions; feel free to mix and match them and incorporate my general likes.

I'm The_Plaid_Slytherin on AO3.

General Likes
* fluff
* canon-divergence/what-if AUs
* seasonal/holiday themes
* domesticity and slice-of-life, including curtainfic
* hurt/comfort
* loyalty kink
* casefic
* kidfic or family fic
* wooing/courtship
* competence, especially in couples who work together and are totally in love with each other's skills
* care-taking such as bathing together, washing a partner's hair
* cuddling and bed-sharing
* reunions
* long-term pining finally being requited
* fake dating, arranged marriage, and other tropes with forced proximity leading to love
* daemons added to canon settings (as in daemons have always existed in Westeros or a galaxy far far away, not a HDM crossover/fusion)
* happily ever after endings

When it comes to smut, my preferences are pretty vanilla. My kinks include first times, body worship, praise kink, clothes kink, oral, anal, intercrural, intergluteal, bath sex/hair washing, loyalty kink, shaving, normally composed characters losing control, bed sharing/sex for warmth, hurt/comfort, blindfolds, hand kink/hand-holding during sex, trust, role play, sensation play, light bondage, talking about sex.

* unrequested ships
* darkfic, unresolved angst, sad/hopeless endings.
* character death (of requested characters and their friends or allies)
* rape/non-con or dub-con
* incest
* underage sex
* AUs that are another setting (e.g., modern times)
* crossovers
* BDSM or d/s
* scat or watersports
* unrequited/one-sided love

Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
Javert/Jean Valjean & Cosette Fauchelevent/Marius Pontmercy

I am all about the hurt/comfort, happy, and healing with this fandom, and I love the idea of these four coming together to form a family. I love all the sub-relationships at play here—the father/daughter relationship between Valjean and Cosette, an understanding between Javert and Marius, Cosette being sweet to Javert, and, of course, Javert/Valjean healing.

* Post-canon fix-it! No Seine, no dying, everything coming out into the open and understandings being reached. The misunderstanding on the part of Marius and Valjean, especially, is something I'd love to see fixed. How does Javert's presence affect the home life of Valjean and Cosette? How does Marius change things? Can they all just sit around and talk about things?!

* Family fluff. I have no problems whatsoever with skipping over the heavy stuff to get to the light and inconsequential, too. What do holidays look like in this family? What's it like when Javert and Marius sit down at the same dinner table? What kind of relationship do the future little Pontmercys have with their grandfather?

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin

I love these books—the worldbuilding, the characters. And I can't get enough of this family. All Baratheons, all the time! They are such a mess, and I just want to see them getting along. ♥

Renly Baratheon & Robert Baratheon & Stannis Baratheon

These three break my heart. They could have been so good if they'd just worked together! I am all about the AUs where things go better for them, or at least pastfic that shows them in happier times, or a time when they were able to get along with each other. I'd love to see how all three of them play off each other because we don't get to see how they are as a unit in canon. We get a little bit of Renly with each of his older brothers, and we know how Stannis feels about Robert, but what are they all like in a room together? How does their relationship mature over the years? How does the age spacing, with Robert and Stannis being so close in age, and Renly being so much younger, affect the dynamic? And then there were those years they all spent together in King's Landing. I'm sure those were loads of fun.

* The age gap. Does Renly ever feel left out or jealous of his brothers being so close in age, even though they don't really get along? Did he feel like he couldn't measure up when the both of them had distinguished themselves at such young ages? Maybe there are different things he admires about each of them (I have a soft spot for Stannis being appreciated).

* Being forced to spend time together. Do they all gather together for a holiday? Are there any Stormlands or Baratheon family traditions they keep coming back to? Even reluctantly? Robert and Stannis might not get along, but maybe they team up to give Renly a heritage lesson.

* AU! I would love to see an AU where Robert lives because the three of them teamed up. Maybe Stannis goes to him with his evidence—or maybe to Renly because he's afraid Robert won't listen to it coming from him? Or maybe it's Renly who figures it all out, and he goes to Stannis? I'd just love to see them repairing their relationship and working as a team.

Renly Baratheon & Robert Baratheon

I think this is probably the easiest relationship out of the three, and I'd love to see it explored! They have a lot in common, but there are quite a few differences between them, too. We don't get to see how they are with each other when they're alone; all their interactions in canon are through Ned's POV, but Renly, unlike Stannis, remains at court and close to Robert. I would love to see that explored.

* Robert and little Renly. Robert strikes me as an overgrown kid himself, so I bet he is great with kids when the spirit moves him. Getting down and playing on the floor, giving good piggyback rides.

* Renly idolizes Robert. Spending time with him hunting, sparring, whatever they would enjoy doing together. I'd love to see something that relishes in their shared pursuits.

Renly Baratheon & Stannis Baratheon

Oh, these two. They double break my heart. They have more in common than they think, and I desperately wish things had worked out better for them! I imagine they were very close when Renly was small, especially with Robert away in the Eyrie, so it's only Storm's End being awarded to Renly that drove them apart. I think Renly could have benefited hugely from Stannis' experience and wisdom.

* So show me that AU! Stannis remains around for Renly as he grows up, and things turn out differently. How different does Renly turn out? Still himself, of course, but hopefully with more reserve? I'd love anything from a quiet moment between them at any point in the timeline to an exploration of how canon events would have changed.

* Canon-era AU! Renly bends the knee to Stannis? Renly captures Stannis? The other way 'round for both?

* A moment where they surprised each other. Teeny Renly comforting Stannis during the siege? What must his perception of what was going on have been like? Or maybe something set later when Renly is an older teen or adult where he surprises Stannis with thoughtfulness or maturity.

Robert Baratheon & Stannis Baratheon

This is the last link in this chain. :) And it's the toughest relationship, probably. So close in age, with such differing personalities, it's really no wonder they didn't get along. But I love them both nevertheless!

* The Early Years. Maybe a time they did get along? Or a time they were beastly to each other, with Stannis giving as good as he got? I love the idea that, even if they don't demonstratively get along, that they at least learn to tolerate each other.

* An understanding. Maybe Robert thought Dragonstone was a reward and that Stannis would be happy to have it. Maybe he's smarter than Stannis gives him credit for. Or maybe he's always felt inadequate because Stannis was smarter than him, while Stannis feels inadequate that Robert was more popular than him. They are such a sibling rivalry cliché, and I would love to see them talk it out. Maybe in an AU where Stannis prevents Robert's death, and Robert had to figure out how to move forward with his life.

Stannis Baratheon & Cassana Estermont Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon & Steffon Baratheon

I would love to see what kind of relationship Stannis had with his parents and to see them fleshed out. He holds them in high regard, from the little bit he mentions of them, and we don't get any evidence that they favored Robert. Are they where Stannis gets his dedication to fairness? I would love to see anything that sheds light on their relationship(s).

* Lord Steffon recognizing his two older sons' differing strengths and playing to them. Nurturing Stannis' skills as an administrator. I'd love to see what he teaches Stannis about lordship, since Stannis seems to have had a hand in running things at Storm's End before the rebellion.

* Alternately, I would love to see the parent Stannis takes after most being his mother. We know even less about Lady Cassana than we do about Lord Steffon. What was she like? She comes from Estermont, so maybe she and Stannis share a love of the sea?

Renly Baratheon & Stannis Baratheon & Davos Seaworth

I ship Stannis/Davos, but that is super extra optional because this is the & tag! I would love to see these three forming an unlikely family. I feel as though Davos would have been an excellent influence on Renly and that things might have turned out much differently if both of them had a presence in his life. (Feel free to work Davos into one of the Stannis & Renly prompts above, too.)

* Immediate post-siege stuff. I love the idea of Davos reaching out to Renly during this time—what would have happened if they'd formed a bond? How would that have worked around Stannis and Davos' relationship?

* A slightly-older Renly searches for guidance from his brother and an unexpected source. I am perfectly happy with the idea that Renly gets better advice from Davos than from either of his brothers.

* Renly doesn't understand why Stannis keeps Davos around until he actually gets to know him. Unlikely bonding!

Ormund Baratheon/Rhaelle Targaryen Baratheon

These are just historical characters whom we know nearly nothing about, but I'm fascinated by their story. And not just because they're the grandparents of Robert, Stannis, and Renly! The Targaryens seemed so reluctant to intermarry with the other houses, and Rhaelle is obviously a prize to settle a feud and end a rebellion. And Ormund is described as Lyonel's "heir" and not his son, so did he even expect to inherit Storm's End? I love unexpected situations and arranged marriages that blossom into love, so anything that fleshed out these two would be lovely.

* Ormund and Rhaelle getting to know each other over the years before their marriage. It sounds like she was sent to Storm's End before she was old enough to wed, so I would love to see the lead-up to the wedding. How much control would they have over the timing? Did they fall in love before the wedding, or after it? What was it like to know for years that you were going to marry this person?

* Rhaelle's relationship with her family. What was it like to give up being a princess, to move away from all she'd ever known and become part of a new house? How did she maintain her identity? How much of it did she pass on to her son Steffon or share with her husband?

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
Boba Fett & Jango Fett

I became really intrigued with these two the last time I watched AOTC; I never really thought about how these two would work as parent and child but now I desperately want to know. The little glimpses we get of their life made me extremely intrigued. We're told Jango wanted an unaltered clone, and that's pretty much it. We don't know anything about Jango and why he would choose to do this. So now I want that fic! (I've never watched TCW, so I don't know anything about the canon introduced there.)

* What were those pre-AOTC years like? I am 100% up for kidfic fluff. :) Why does he want a kid this way? What was it like watching Boba grow when it was basically himself? Does he get Boba as a literal newborn? How exactly is a clone made, anyway? How was raising Boba different from seeing the clone troopers around the base? How do they bond over bounty-hunting or whatever else Jango is teaching him?

* What was it like for Boba growing up the way he did? Does he know he's a clone of Jango? How does it affect him either way? What does he think of the other clones? Does he have any kind of relationship with them?

Original Work
Queen Sister & Royal Advisor Brother
King Brother & Co-Ruler Queen Sister
King & Potential Heir Daughter & Potential Heir Son

My preferred setting for these tags is a medieval-type fantasy setting because I just love kings and queens and castles and all those clichés. I'm just really interested in the story potential in these tags. For the first two, I love the idea of supportive relationships. What's it like for these siblings to run their country together? What's the political system that created these arrangements? How do the siblings settle disagreements? How is working with a family member different from working with a non-related advisor?

For the third tag—what's going on here? Does the king have to choose an heir from between his two children? Or is the next king/queen decided through some other way? A test or competition? Do both of the children want to be the next ruler? It doesn't specify that they're a prince and a princess, so maybe one is actually illegitimate or something—how does that change things?
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