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Dear Soul (Exchange) Mate,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm sure I'll love what you come up with. I love the idea of soulmates and soulbonds, so I'm excited to get the chance to request this kind of story for one of these ships!

I'm The_Plaid_Slytherin on AO3.

General Likes
* fluff
* canon-divergence/what-if AUs
* seasonal/holiday themes
* domesticity and slice-of-life, including curtainfic
* hurt/comfort
* loyalty kink
* casefic
* kidfic or family fic
* wooing/courtship
* competence, especially in couples who work together and are totally in love with each other's skills
* care-taking such as bathing together, washing a partner's hair
* cuddling and bed-sharing
* reunions
* long-term pining finally being requited
* fake dating, arranged marriage, and other tropes with forced proximity leading to love
* daemons added to canon settings (as in daemons have always existed in Westeros or a galaxy far far away, not a HDM crossover/fusion)
* happily ever after endings

When it comes to smut, my preferences are pretty vanilla. My kinks include first times, body worship, praise kink, clothes kink, oral, anal, intercrural, intergluteal, bath sex/hair washing, loyalty kink, shaving, normally composed characters losing control, bed sharing/sex for warmth, hurt/comfort, blindfolds, hand kink/hand-holding during sex, trust, role play, sensation play, light bondage, talking about sex.

* unrequested ships
* darkfic, unresolved angst, sad/hopeless endings.
* character death (of requested characters and their friends or allies)
* rape/non-con or dub-con
* incest
* underage sex
* AUs that are another setting (e.g., modern times)
* crossovers
* BDSM or d/s
* scat or watersports
* unrequited/one-sided love

Les Miserables
Javert/Jean Valjean

I just want these two to be happy, even if they have a lot of struggles to get there. I love their fraught relationship and all the possibilities for healing it holds. They are complicated enough, but let's throw soulmates into the mix and make it even worse! I would love to see how this would affect their relationship, especially given the circumstances under which they meet. Do they realize right away, or does it take time? Do they resent that they're soulmates and try to fight it? How do soulmates and religion mix in this world, if soulmates are something known to everyone? Javert's mental journey to accept Valjean would be much enhanced if he was also dealing with a soulbond or accepting that Valjean was his soulmate.

Accidental Soulbond – Any era! Accidental soulbonding to a prisoner? To the mayor, and thus learning his secrets? Or nearer to the end, and being truly open to one another leads to more understanding? I have no idea how such an accident would occur, but the aftereffects would be delicious to explore.

Identity Porn With Your Soulmate – As long as it all gets resolved in the end and they're happy, I am totally down for some identity porn. Does Javert start falling for the mayor while knowing 24601 is his soulmate? Does he think he has two soulmates (is that a thing?) or that he's embarking on a (socially-stigmatized?) non-soulmate relationship? Does finding out it's all the same guy make things better? Worse? Does Valjean feel guilty about deceiving him?

Soulbond Requires Physical Proximity - Two people who don't get along having to be near each other is a classic. 'Nuff said. How close is physical proximity? Is there a way to get it to go away (kissing/sex?)? Does the distance they can be apart decrease as time goes on and they don't kiss/have sex?

Soulmates Feel Each Other's Pain and Pleasure - This is an idea that delights me especially for these two doing the escaping/chasing thing. Valjean feels so close because Javert can feel his pain/pleasure... how frustrating must it be for him to have that psychic link, yet unable to find and arrest him? What's it like for Valjean to know what his pursuer is feeling? How does it enhance the sex?

universe pulls soulmates together - There must be a reason they keep running into each other. :) Do they try to fight fate? How long until they realize what's going on and give into it? Is the universe happy? Does it reward them in some way?

You Can't Die As Long As Your Soulbonded Is Alive - FIX IT FIC! I love the idea of Valjean saving Javert from the Siene, even unwittingly. How long does it take for Javert to figure it out? Does he seek out Valjean or is it the other way around? Is Valjean aware he's keeping Javert from dying? Does Javert sustain Valjean as well and convince him to keep going?

Born Without/Lacking Soulmate-Identifying Mark - This just sounded like an appealing trope for these two because of the outcast element. Does the fact that they both don't have soulmate marks make them soulmates? Or are they forging a non-soulmate connection?

A Song of Ice and Fire
Stannis Baratheon/Davos Seaworth

I simply can't get enough of these two. I love the mutual loyalty, devotion, and love they already have for each other, even if no one around them understands what they see in each other. So I would definitely love to see them as soulmates. How does the soulmate worldbuilding play into the wonderful world GRRM has already created for us? When do they realize they're soulmates? Is Stannis offended at first that his soulmate is a common smuggler, and how does that affect his feelings and actions already present in canon upon their first meeting? How does Davos deal with suddenly being thrust into a world far above his station? How do others react to them as soulmates, if that's something everyone knows about? How do the canon events strengthen and test their bond?

Born Without/Lacking Soulmate-Identifying Mark – I kind of like the idea of Stannis being the odd one out in this way. Maybe Davos doesn't have one either, and he finally finds someone in the least expected way? Or maybe Davos loves him despite their not sharing a soulmate mark, because he's Davos and of course he does.

Dreaming of Soulmate - I love the bits of mysticism and magic we get in this series and I'd love to see Meaningful Dreams for these two. Do they dream of each other before they meet? Is Davos what sustains Stannis through the siege of Storm's End? Or maybe the soul bond isn't forged until later when they're separated as they are in present day post-ADWD canon, and they're dreaming of each other while Stannis is marching on Winterfell and Davos is on Skagos. Do the dreams help them succeed in their tasks and eventually reunite? (Because of course they will!)

Extreme Stress Can Transport Your Soulmate Through Time/Space To Come To Your Aid - These two go through a lot of stress and I'd apply some of the same situations above to this one. I'm just a total sap about these two and I want to read about them working together and saving each other.

Soulmates Feel Each Other's Pain and Pleasure
Injuries Transfer to Soulmate - Unf. What if they first discovered this when Stannis injures Davos? Or maybe this is the only way they can keep up with each other when they're separated. I would love some agonized pining with a happy ending/reunion. And feeling each other's pleasure works very well for very intense sex.

Soulbond Requires Physical Proximity - I love anything that shoves these two into uncomfortable situations and makes them deal. How does Stannis deal with his resentment over this arrangement without resenting Davos? Because I feel like he would hate having to be in physical proximity to someone. How does Davos deal with the loss of freedom? How close is physical proximity? Is there a way to get it to go away (kissing/sex?)?

First Words You Speak to Your Soulmate Appear on Their Skin
First Words You Speak to Your Soulmate Appear on Your Skin
This trope made me jump up and take notice because Davos can't read. Would he ever know what his words said? How does soulmate writing work in a society where a huge portion of the population is illiterate? And I imagine the first words they spoke to each other were very strange and not at all what Stannis' parents would be expecting for him in a potential mate ("I have some onions"?)

Unwilling Soulbond Reveals Pining - Oh my yes. I love the idea that they've always loved each other but haven't been in a position to confess because it certainly isn't proper. And then they get accidentally soulbonded and they find out and have to go from there.

universe pulls soulmates together - I love the idea of destiny for these two. Davos always being there when Stannis needs him, Davos being compelled to come to Stannis' aid. Davos and Stannis completely giving into it (hard for Stannis, I'm sure) and letting the univser pull them back together.

Nero Wolfe
Archie Goodwin/Saul Panzer

I love these books so much; I love Archie's voice, Wolfe's eccentricities, Saul's quiet competency, and the period New York setting. And I just think it would be a hoot to apply very incongruous fanfic tropes to these characters. How does getting soulbonded/soulmates throw a wrench into the way Archie and Saul work together? Is Wolfe very displeased? Any mysteries revolving around soulmate tropes would be welcome, as would just plain goofy tropefic (crack played straight!).

Accidental Soulbond – Working for Wolfe has its hazards and this is one of them. How does being soulbonded cramp their style? Or maybe it enhances their partnership in the field? Is this kind of accident reversible? Do they WANT to reverse it?

Soulbond Telepathy - I just think this kind of thing would be delightful to read from Archie's perspective. And since Saul is kind of an engima, how does telepathy open him up to Archie? I'd love to see these two discover things about each other and explore a bond.

Temporary Soulbonding For Fun And Profit - This sounds like a case to me. Whose idea is it? Wolfe's? How do they go about temporarily soulbonding themselves? Is Saul a soulbonding expert? Is it really temporary? How do they explore the soulbond outside of the case (if it's for a case)?

Born Without/Lacking Soulmate-Identifying Mark - I think I have this one all of my ships. I just love this as an idea to explore backstory for either or both Saul and Archie and do some soulmate worldbuilding. Is this one of Saul's secrets? Something Archie keeps close to his chest? What does it mean? (Both lacking marks means they are each other's soulmates; no marks means they are choosing each other outside of the whole soulmate thing.)
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