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Dear Worldbuilder,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with. I truly love each of these fandoms and characters, so I'll just be happy someone else is interested in them, too. :) Prompts are just suggestions! Any combination of my characters and the tags I chose would make me happy. I'm The_Plaid_Slytherin on AO3.

General Likes
* fluff
* canon-divergence/what-if AUs
* seasonal/holiday themes
* domesticity and slice-of-life, including curtainfic
* hurt/comfort
* loyalty kink
* casefic
* kidfic or family fic
* wooing/courtship
* competence, especially in couples who work together and are totally in love with each other's skills
* care-taking such as bathing together, washing a partner's hair
* cuddling and bed-sharing
* reunions
* long-term pining finally being requited
* daemons added to canon settings (as in daemons have always existed in Westeros or a galaxy far far away, not a HDM crossover/fusion)
* happily ever after endings

When it comes to smut, my preferences are pretty vanilla. My kinks include first times, body worship, praise kink, clothes kink, oral, anal, intercrural, intergluteal, bath sex/hair washing, loyalty kink, shaving, normally composed characters losing control, bed sharing/sex for warmth, hurt/comfort, blindfolds, hand kink/hand-holding during sex, trust, role play.

* unrequested ships (especially canon ships when I've asked for something non-canon—I often multiship but only one thing at a time!)
* darkfic, loads of unresolved angst, or sad/hopeless endings. Angst on the way to a happy ending is okay! But I much prefer to see it resolved than end on a dark, sad, or angsty note.
* character death (of requested characters and their friends or allies)
* rape/non-con or dub-con
* incest
* underage sex
* AUs that are another setting (e.g., modern times)
* crossovers
* BDSM or d/s
* scat or watersports

A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin
Davos Seaworth
Stannis Baratheon
Renly Baratheon
Robert Baratheon

I love these books so much, and I absolutely love the worldbuilding we've already got, but I'd always love to see more! These are my four favorite characters, and I would love to explore the world through their eyes. I love backstory and slice-of-life, so anything set in quieter, happier times that gave us a glimpse at these characters and the world they inhabit would be wonderful. I love the relationships between the Baratheon brothers and I ship Stannis/Davos, so any combination of characters would make me happy.

Food and cooking: I can't imagine Robert, Stannis, or Renly cooking, but I can imagine Davos doing for himself from time to time. I love the class/cultural difference between Stannis/Davos, so maybe there's something from his life before he met Stannis that Davos returns to to ground himself or share with Stannis. Food also brings to mind the Siege of Storm's End and Davos' rescue of Stannis and Renly. Or maybe the brothers have other special memories related to food and cooking.

Games and Sports: We get hints of these in canon—tourneys, various forms of hunting, cyvasse. We also get some references to children's games, but they're largely unexplored. What exactly is come-into-my-castle? What are hunts and tourneys like when they don't have plot significance? I'd love to see Stannis hawking—we know he raised birds but I can't actually picture him hunting (though I would love to), or Robert in the middle of the melee field. Or either of them trying to teach Renly to appreciate some game or sport. What's Renly's approach to a tourney like, and how does it differ from Robert's and/or Loras'? How does Davos feel about the world he's been dumped in, and what would he keep from his low origins?

Gods and Religion: My principal interest here is the Faith of the Seven and how my requested characters relate to it, although if you're interested in another religion, I'd be curious, too. (The only thing I don't want is Melisandre.) Maybe Stannis gets super interested in Northern gods during his campaign for Winterfell? I'm always up for something about how Davos' faith and Stannis' lack of it works in their relationship, too. Robert and Renly are characters I didn't really associate with this tag, but by gosh, if you have ideas for them, I would be delighted to read it.

Holidays of Westeros: We really don't get a whole lot of this, so I'm curious for anything. Big celebrations, small celebrations, family celebrations, religious celebrations. I'm up for anything.

Life at Court: I'd love to see something about the small council before the death of Jon Arryn and all that pesky plot stuff started happening. What was their day-to-day operations like? And what about outside the council chamber? I'd love anything about day-to-day court life from any of my selected characters. Robert, Stannis, and Renly getting on each other's nerves, and Davos as an observer, wondering how he got himself in this situation.

Myths Legends and Songs: I don't really have much to say about this, but I love stories and the songs we get in canon and I'm curious which ones are important to these characters! Is there anything unique to the Stormlands, or to House Baratheon? Anything Davos brings with him from his childhood/previous life that he wants to share with Stannis?

Sea and Sailing-Related Legends & Lore: I love the connection these characters (well, Stannis and Davos, really) have to the sea. Where did Stannis' sailing interest/abilities come from? Do he and Davos bond over sailing when they're first getting to know each other? What does Davos have to teach him? (Again, I don't really associate Robert and Renly with this tag, but if you'd like to write about them, I would be happy to get that, too!)

Stormlands Culture: I really wish we knew more about the culture of the stormlands. We get much more of a feel for other areas other POV characters are from, so I would love anything that sheds some light on the stormlands. What's it like to live there? How has the land shaped the people? What are some unique beliefs/holidays/rituals?

Harry Potter (Books Only)

Horace Slughorn

HP is a forever fandom for me and I love Horace. I love his personality, and I think he's highly underappreciated! He would be a great way to explore the wizarding world, especially its more whimsical aspects which are my favorite parts of JKR's worldbuilding. I want more of that sense of wonder I first got when reading the books all those years ago. I'm a Horace/Albus shipper and I love how Albus' whimsical side complements Horace. But I didn't request Albus so he is obviously super extra optional!

Magical Features of Hogwarts Castle: I love things like the portraits, the moving staircases, and the room of requirement. What other hidden secrets are there to discover? Is there a reason Horace demanded Professor Merrythought's old office? Anything he's discovered as a teacher or a student that is his secret (or he thinks is his secret)?

Potion-making: I love that Horace is a really good potions teacher and seems to love the subject. So, explore potions! What are the limits to what a potion can do? What actually happens when potions go wrong? How much magic is there in potion-making? How are new potions developed?

Wizarding Home Cooking: This tag just looked like so much fun and I decided to request it with Horace. How do magic and cooking go together? Are there any special wizarding dishes? I'd love to see Horace cooking, for himself, or for someone special (like Albus!). What does he make? Does he find any surprises in the Muggle kitchens of the houses he broke into to live in?

Fine Dining in the Wizarding World: Alternately, I'd love to see Horace eating out! What kind of wizarding restaurants exist? What makes them especially magical? Is there some kind of magical Zagat's? Does Horace write reviews? :D

Rogue One
Galen Erso
Orson Krennic

I totally fell in love with these two when I watched Rogue One. Galen is just so good and brave and Orson is such a failboat with his cape. I'm really interested in the early Rebellion/Empire era, and I'm fascinated by these two characters' history together. I ship it, but I'm also interested in each of them alone if that's not your thing. (I haven't read Catalyst, but I plan to soon and I apologize if it answers some of my questions.)

Construction of the Death Star: There's so much Rogue One told us about the Death Star that we didn't know before, but there's also a lot left to still explore! I'd love anything that tells us how the project came to fruition. How was it developed? How did Galen mess with the plans to form a weakness, and how did he figure out what to do? How did the plans for the Death Star evolve from the glimpse we get in AOTC, to the work in progress we see in ROTS, to what we see in Rogue One?

Transition From Republic to Empire: I'd be really curious to see something that bridges the gap between ROTS and Rogue One/ANH. Where were Orson and Galen when the Republic fell and what did they think? How quickly did the entire Empire system we see in the Original Trilogy fall into place? Where did all these Imperial officers come from, considering the Republic system was quite different, and the whole Republic seems to have been taken down by Anakin, Palpatine, and a bunch of clones.

Imperial Functions: I picked this tag because we don't get to see any of Imperial society beyond the scenes on the bridge of the Death Star and the Star Destroyers. What kinds of things did Galen have to do to keep up appearances over the years? I worded the tag "Imperial Functions" because in my mind, I'm seeing parties or something—anything that they'd be expected to attend outside of the context of actual work. Was he ever afraid he'd blow his cover? And how did Krennic fit into all this? I found this article which has some intriguing possibilities about his background and his struggle to fit in with the Imperial elite which I'd love to see explored. I'm imagining him at some fancy party, brown-nosing to Tarkin or whoever and being utterly inept, poor duck.


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